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Should I Switch Business Energy Supplier?

February 02, 2021

When deciding which energy supplier is best for your business, you should take into account much more than just cost. There are many commercial energy suppliers operating in the market today, and they all offer different rates, perks, and deals. This makes it extra important to compare business energy deals and prices. If you’re thinking about switching your business energy supplier, it’s important to consider the move from all angles, including thinking about exactly what’s best for your precise business needs.

What Should I Look For In A Business Energy Supplier?

Choosing the best commercial energy supplier is about more than just looking for the cheapest rates. Here are some factors to consider before you jump suppliers:

  • What is the cost of both gas and electricity, and which of these do my business use more of?
  • How ‘green’ is this energy supplier, and is reducing my carbon footprint important for my business and brand?
  • How good is this supplier’s customer service?
  • How likely is this supplier to stay afloat for years to come, and withstand the possible market turbulence caused by Brexit?
  • Does this supplier offer smart meter support, so I can keep track of my business’s energy use?
  • How easy does this supplier make it to switch to and from them?
  • How much does this supplier usually increase prices by each year?

Which of these elements you put the most value in will depend on your management style and your business, but it’s important to remember that choosing a supplier who will provide good value for money and reliable service for years to come is generally better than simply choosing the cheapest and quickest way to get your energy.

Which Business Energy Suppliers Are Most Popular?

There are many business energy suppliers you could choose, and if you’ve got the time, it’s worth doing research into as many suppliers as you can to ensure you’re making an informed choice before you switch. Some of the most popular business energy suppliers are listed below:

  • British Gas currently supplies energy to over 40,000 businesses in the UK, making them one of the country’s leading commercial suppliers.
  • E.ON provides innovative energy solutions to both domestic and commercial customers, and are keen to keep their (and your) energy supply as green as possible.
  • EDF generates 20% of the UK’s electricity, giving them the top spot as the country’s biggest supplier of electricity.
  • Gazprom is primarily a gas supplier, though they do supply electricity in four counties. Gazprom have won awards for their customer service, which is always a great sign when looking for a reliable business energy supplier.
  • Orsted Energy is a great choice for companies keen to promote carbon-neutral energy, as they’re the world’s largest generator of offshore energy.
  • Scottish Power serves over 5 million domestic and business premises across the whole of the UK - not just Scotland - and has a strong reputation for offering great rates.
  • PFP Energy is worth considering if you’re looking for good value. As a non-profit energy supplier, PFP often boasts some of the cheapest tariffs in the country.

This is just a few of the business energy suppliers competing in the UK. Npower, Opus Energy, SSE, Haven Power, Corona Energy, Engie and Yu Energy are all worth checking out if you’re considering switching suppliers. To find out more about how we can help, contact us at SwitchPal today.

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